“Forward by Amazon” – A specific method to allow Amazon fulfilment centre direct injections.

  1. Specs and Activation

    The FBA product is specifically designed to be able to ship (large) volumes into Amazon HUB’s located in by example Germany, Spain and Italy. By injecting your parcels with this specific code at a designated DPD depot or HUB, the regular sorting process is omitted, resulting in a faster and more efficient forwarding process.

    Only a few destination addresses are allowed and the rules for shipping with this product are strict.

    For more information on this shipment method, please consult your DPD account manager or via our DPD website

  2. Shipping

    In Shipper Online, go to the shipment creation.

    Proceed as you would to create a normal B2B shipment with the exception of selecting product ‘Fulfilment By Amazon’

    Use only allowed Amazon warehouse addresses as destination.


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