When setting up a high volume last mile solution you might want to connect in more custom ways than our business shipping applications would allow. You can choose from any of the below applications, guidelines, references and tools to make things work as you would like to have them on your end. From preparing a shipment until tracking it as delivered.

Selfprinter Setup

We allow large volume accounts to develop own Label, Data, Routing in accordance with DPDgroup standards.

Meta API

A DPDgroup API solution gathering all products and services behind one entry point.

Docker API

Host your Routing calculation independently with container technology. Only for Selfprinting customers.

Paas & SaaS Solutions

DPD Belux allows and facilitates several intermediary platforms to allow shipping.

Parcelshop Locater Services

DPDgroup has a Parcelshop network of over 70,000 individual drop-off and collection points. Find any of them with our designated tools.


DPD Belux offers a range of tracking and reporting options from ad-hoc links to high volume bulk updates.