An easy online web user interface for all DPD fresh products.



  1. Shipment Creation

    The same documentation applies for DPD fresh as for regular DPD Business shipments:



    We will show here a single shipment creation:

    • Select ‘Create new Shipment from the Shipment Menu’
    • Fill out all necessary fields, paying attention to product, expiration date and temperare range
    • You can already request a pickup within the shipment creation, it will automatically transmit the amount of parcels to our operational processing.
    • Save and or Print to confirm and continue
  2. Requesting a driver Pickup

    Please agree with your Sales representative on fixed time or ad-hoc pickups.


  3. Printing Labels

    Print settings allow you to:

    • Choose between A6 (label roll) and A4 (4 sheets per page) printer
    • Configure A4 printing
      • A4 paper print start position: by default, labels are printed in the order of 1 to 4. You can change the starting position. ‘1’ is top left, ‘4’ is bootom right. This feature allows you not to waste any labels.
      • Remember last A4 paper print position: this option is good if you want to re-use label paper. Ex: If your last label was printed on position 3, then the next one will be printed on position 4.
      • Paper size for labels printing: Select A4 if you wish to print your labels with a regular printer
    • Set preferences and custom additions,
      • Print note on labels: Chose this option if you want to print the comment that was entered in the “Recipient” section of “New shipment order”.
      • Sender note is before address: Select this option to place the note before the sender address.
      • Part of labels to be printed larger: Here you can select parts of the label that should be printed larger.
      • Print reference 2 on acceptance protocols: Only works when Settings > Basic > Number of parcel references is set to two or more.
      • Sort order for acceptance protocol: Here you can change the way shipments are sorted on the acceptance protocol

  4. Basic Settings

    Basic settings allow you to:

    • Set default product, weight, dimensions, references for shipment creation
    • Add a standard return address and ‘masked’ sender address (data only – contact us to have printed masked address set)
    • Set some UI preferences and warning if your label range should exhaust earlier then foreseen

  5. Importing Shipments and Receivers

    For importing shipments and receivers, please refer to:

    Take into account following extra conditions to match between import file and import profile:

    • Temperature Range
    • Expiration Date


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