A highly performant API allowing custom built integration for all DPD products

API Developer Guidelines

DPD Belux Shipper Webservice API Developer Guidelines

Introduction – Expectations

Shipper Webservice is the DPD Belux official API and preferred integration method.


WSDL Live & Stage list  

Login service

The login service is applied to authenticate the user and retrieve a token.

Shipment service (all products)

How to create any operational order with the webservice

Parcelshopfinder service

How to look up Parcelshop ID’s for listing and shipment creation

Parcellifecycle service

The Parcellifecycleservice allows to track parcel status in transit or as delivered.

End-of-Day service

Creating Custom Shipment Lists


Troubleshooting – Call Debugging


“Forward by Amazon” – A specific method to allow Amazon fulfilment centre direct injections.