How to start shipping refrigerated, frozen and ambient foods and goods.

  1. Applications

    DPD fresh uses the same shipping applications as regular DPD Business with some restrictions and additions.

    To create DPD fresh shipments, you can choose between:

    • Shipper Online (UI)
    • Shipper Webservice (API)
    • E-commerce plugin’s

    For DPD fresh products you are unable to use:

    • Shipper Offline
    • Selfprinting Setups
    • non-DPD Belux controlled shipping applications
  2. Data & Legal Requirements

    At DPD fresh the cold chain guarantee and food security is a priority.

    Therefor any shipment must be accompanied by complete and correct data with special attention for:

    • Expiration Date
    • Temperature Range
    • A correct choice between the Fresh, Frozen and Ambient product

    It is most important to take into account as a customer that data is not only key, but a strict necessity to ensure delivery within expectations. Whenever the data is missing or indicates that the expiration date of the goods has passed, DPD is legally obliged to destroy or return your shipment without delivery at your expense.

    This is also why we do not allow any ‘Offline’ label printing for DPD fresh parcels, since it always has the (altough minor) risk of a missing data. Use of Shipper Online or Shipper Webservice implicates with 100% certainty that DPD Belux has received and processed your data even before you were able to have printed the and applied the shipment label.

  3. Onboarding and Production

    As soon as you signed a contract for shipping with DPD fresh, your Sales representative will provide you with the login and/or authentication credentials so you can start developing and integrating.

    • Shipper Online: Go to
    • Shipper Webservice STAGE WSDL’s:
    • Shipper Webservice LIVE WSDL’s:
    • Plugin’s: Go to


    Please do not start production until agreed upon with your DPD fresh sales representative. Before actual go-live of your shipment flows you need approval and validation.

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