This guide presumes that you’ve already done the basic configuration of

  1. Installation

    To use the connection you need to have a partner account in order to connect to DPD eCom.

    1. Generate your API credentials via and scroll to ‘Client credentials voor de Retailer API’

    1. After you have created your API credentials copy the ‘Client ID’ and click on ‘Toon secret’ to show your secret key
    2. Go to DPD Connect eCom ( and sign in.
    3. Click on ‘My stores’
    4. Click on ‘Connect a store’ at the top right of the table

    Click at on ‘Connect’

    1. Fill in your shop details, ClientID and Client Secret and click on ‘Connect my store’
    2. You will now be redirected to the overview, where your just connected store should be listed.
    3. 30 minutes after your store was linked all your orders should be visible in the ‘My Orders’ tab
  2. Usage

    Click here for the manual of DPD Connect eCom