“Forward by Amazon” – A specific method to allow Amazon fulfilment centre direct injections.

  1. Specs and Activation

    The FBA product is specifically designed to be able to ship (large) volumes into Amazon HUB’s located in by example Germany, Spain and Italy. By injecting your parcels with this specific code at a designated DPD depot or HUB, the regular sorting process is omitted, resulting in a faster and more efficient forwarding process.

    Only a few destination addresses are allowed and the rules for shipping with this product are strict.

    For more information on this shipment method, please consult your DPD account manager or via our DPD website

  2. Shipping

    Shipping product FBA via the Webservice is almost identical to shipping a DPD Business product (B2B) with the API. Only the product code changes from ‘CL’ to ‘FBA’.

    First, as always, use the login service to authenticate and store the token for the given timeframe of validity.

    Then create a B2B shipment as described in the general API documentation , changing the product to ‘FBA’.

    <name1>YOUR NAME</name1>
    <street>Your street 55</street>
    <name1>AMAZON WAREHOUSE</name1>
    <name2>Germany South</name2>
    <street>Destination street 1</street>



    The call above will result in following PDF label: (Base64)

    Please keep in mind the API Developer Guidelines still apply and sequential label generation and keeping the requests within rate limiting are most important.

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