Parcelshop look-up and selection explained.
The feature is built into DPD Shipper Online & Offline by default.

  1. Introduction

    DPD offers Parcelshop delivery as a well-known B2C product. A parcel will be delivered to a pickup point close to the end consignee who will be able to come and pick it up at a time of his/her choice and within opening hours of the specific shop and within a certain number of working days. Parcelshops also serve a role in B2C returns. Their adresses can be used to list valid return drop-off points as well.

    Official DPD Parcelshops all have a unique code (AANNNNN format) and have properties like allowed services, address, opening hours, announced closing/holidays. Not all parcelshops are available to all services and parcel specifications, so it’s important to know where you are allowed to ship a B2C ‘DPD Shop’ parcel to in order to avoid unwanted returns.

    We offer Parcelshop listing through UI, API and EDI. The UI will only display valid DPD Parcelshops at the time of shipment label creation and is always safe to use, but the integration of the API or the EDI file implies more responsibility since you as a customer might be submitting the Parcelshop ID’s from a cached database.

  2. Shipper Online & Offline (manual creation)

    In the DPD Belux shipping applications, a functionality already exists upon manual shipment creation that shows the 10 nearest parcelshops and already selects the closest one.

    First enter the destination address and weight of the parcel and select ‘DPD Shop’. The Parcel shop secion will auto complete

  3. Shipper Online & Offline (import)

    You can also create shipments by importing from CSV.

    In this case you will need to rely on an up to date source to provide the parcelshop ID’s.

    This will be the Shipper API or CPF file.

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