Introduction – Technology – Onboarding

  1. Introduction

    The Meta API is a DPDgroup shipping solution which bundles all BU API’s behind one point of entry. The origin of the shipment or request will determine where the call is being forwarded to and from where the label or response will be received.

    It is a high performance solution intended for customers integrated with DPD in multiple countries, taking away the effort they would otherwise need to replicate similar integrations one by one. The Meta API will soon be available for the entire network.


    Current 01/2022 network coverage. Red BU’s mark operational shipping activity

    The Meta API also will also feature a full range of services as parcelshop locater services, pickups, collection requests, tracking and POD’s

    Full scale network service and operational activity is intend to be live Q4 2022

  2. Technology

    The entry point to the Meta API from your perspective as a customer or IT integrator is a webservice connection set up up in REST, using JSON based messages with POST method.

    Internally the cloud hosted middleware will translate and distribute your requests to either DPDgroup infrastructure or DPD Business Unit API’s. It logically adds some milliseconds to each request response.

    The Meta API obsoletes any other direct integration into a Business Unit API, but is only useful if you are operationally active (injecting parcels) in more than one DPD Business Unit.


    Suitable for: 50 – 200000 shipments per month


    • Uptime  equal to DPD Business Unit API uptime
    • Average response time for label creation = below 1000ms
    • Average response time for other endpoints = below 250ms
    • Collection Requests, Pickups possible
    • Real time Parcelshop queries, Real time tracking, POD’s
    • Hosted and supported 24/7 via strict SLA
    • DPD BE CIT and DPDgroup support available
  3. Onboarding

    Traditionally you will get in contact with your DPD Sales representative who may offer you this setup as an option if it is valid. It’s also possible you are an IT integrator and act on behalf of one or more DPD  Customers.

    In all cases you will be guided and set up by the Meta API Onboarding team at DPDGroup in Paris. Technical contacts will be given to you in prospect or signed status (or when you are appointed and accredited as IT integrator by our mutual customer). Please ask us to redirect you to the Meta API team via the Support page

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