The image replaces the CCI Selfprinter GeoRouting daily updated tables

  1. Introduction

    DPDgroup offers a Docker image which contains the entire network GeoRouting inside. It can be hosted in your own infrastructure and is unaffected by any possible DPD server downtime, thus guaranteeing your shipment creation continuity. The Routing API is being used by DPDgroup and DPD Business Units for internal applications and can be updated any time to allow for the most recent routing availability. It is our own technology which we offer to customers and it guarantees identical operational routing understanding if updated accordingly.

    The only, but critical, value the Docker image will deliver are the Routing codes which you van print on the label. For a full label creation API, please check the Shipper API and Meta API


    • Uptime guarantee dependant on your own infrastructure
    • Replication and load balancing possible
    • Average response time for routing calcuation = dependant on your own infrastructure
    • DPDgroup support available
  2. Requirements

    In order for the container to function properly, you need:

    • A container hosting such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Run or Amazon ECS
    • An internal/external IT responsible who can create your setup
    • A REST communication with the hosted image from your order system/ERP/WMS onwards, containing basic routing parameters as:
      • Origin ZIP, City, Country
      • Destination ZIP, City, Country
      • Service, Weight
    • A development which can add the obtained routing codes to your self designed DPD Label (in accordance with DPD standards)
      • Origin Sort
      • Destination Sort
      • Routing Text
    • An open internet connection so the image can retrieve new routing updates from DPD servers on a frequent (daily) basis
  3. Value and Use

    The Routing API replaces the Selfprinter ‘CCI Specs’ development. Instead of building a query mechanism with the renewed routing tables, the container will do it for you.

    The results are identical and only deliver value for the Routing Zone on the DPD label, not for label design or EDI manifests:


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